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So, you’ve read our above posts and have decided that buying an extended car warranty is the right choice for you.  

Now let’s get down to business. Here are the four easy steps to buying an extended car warranty in Canada: 

  1. Choose your extended car warranty provider 
  2. Choose your extended car warranty plan terms 
  3. Provide necessary information to your provider 
  4. Buy your extended car warranty and start saving money on expensive car repairs 

Step 1: Choose your extended car warranty provider

What will probably be the most time-consuming step to buying an extended car warranty is choosing your provider. We recommend researching the warranty provider before signing a contract. It’s always helpful to look at customer reviews, social media, and the provider’s contract terms and conditions as part of your research.  

To get you started, check out this simple comparison chart of the top extended car warranty providers in Canada 

We also recommend reading this article: “How to choose an extended car warranty that’s right for you,” to know what to look for from your provider.  

Step 2: Choose your extended car warranty plan terms

Based on the provider that you choose, they will likely have different pricing plans and levels of coverage.  

Some common plan terms you can customize: 

  •  Level of coverage – Some extended car warranty companies work with tiered plans that give you more coverage the more you pay. 
  • Length of contract – Some extended car warranties operate on a monthly or yearly basis and will need to be renewed when the contract term is up.  
  • Added benefits – Some extended car warranties come with added benefits (like roadside assistance, trip interruption and car rental reimbursements) others will offer this at an additional cost.  

Step 3: Provide necessary information to your provider

So, you’ve chosen your extended car warranty provider and your plan terms. Now, the warranty provider will ask you for some details about your car and/or yourself in order to get you covered.  

Typically, the warranty company will ask you to provide your VIN number to get started. What is a VIN number? Your VIN number, or Vehicle Identification Number, is a 17-digit code that identifies each individual automobile. Need help finding your VIN? Click here. 

Some providers may also require an inspection to be performed on the vehicle. The purpose of the inspection is to make sure your vehicle doesn’t have any pre-existing conditions, which are most often not covered by an extended car warranty 

This may also be the step where you’ll provide some other details about yourself, like your name and contact information. 

Step 4: Buy your extended car warranty and start saving on expensive car repairs

Depending on the extended car warranty provider that you choose, you may be able to activate your contract online, on the phone, or in-person.  

Be sure to note that some providers may delay the start of your contract until your vehicle has passed inspection. Other providers, like GuardTree, will have you covered instantly. 

Used car? New warranty.

In the market for an extended car warranty? Look no further. GuardTree’s used car warranty is here to protect your wallet from surprise car repair costs, including most electrical and mechanical repairs as well as all powertrain parts.  

On top of that, get awesome benefits like roadside assistance, car rental, and trip interruption benefits at no extra cost! GuardTree subscribers even give back to the planet by offsetting their carbon footprint just by being a subscriber.  

Drive freely knowing your monthly extended car warranty subscription can be cancelled at any time.  

See what’s covered and use the pricing plan calculator to start saving money on car repairs. 

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