We want you to get the most out of your GuardTree Used Car Warranty by helping you understand your contract more easily. That’s why we’ve created this condensed guide article outlining the most common reasons for when and why your subscription would be cancelled.

Common reasons for cancellations

  • We have not been able to charge your monthly fee.
    • You might have received a new credit card or have non-sufficient fund in your account. Well, this happens! Therefore, we give you a grace period of 21 days to fix the situation before the cancellation will be effective.
  • Your vehicle odometer has exceeded 250,000 km.
    • Make sure to keep an eye on your odometer reading. Because we don’t know when you will reach 250,000 km, you will have to cancel your subscription in your account or contact us once your vehicle exceeds the limit.
  • Your vehicle has reached its 15th model year.
    • No need for you to track and calculate the math here. We will send you a notification and automatically cancel the subscription when the time comes when you’ve exceeded this limit. Hopefully, we’ll see you again when you’ll buy your next car!
  • You have sold or transferred your vehicle.
    • Once you’ve sold or transferred your vehicle, you can cancel your subscription on your account page in a few clicks. Have you bought a new car? Let’s see if your vehicle is eligible for a new GuardTree used car warranty?
  • You or your vehicle have failed to meet any of the eligibility criteria, misrepresentation has taken place, or fraud has occurred.
    • Before signing up to GuardTree, make sure that you meet all of our eligibility criteria. If at some point you no longer meet these criteria, you will have to cancel your subscription. Not sure about your eligibility? Contact us!

Other important factors to maintaining eligibility

Here’s a list of things to keep in mind during your subscription:

  • Our warranty is currently only offered to residents of the Province of Ontario. If you relocate in another province, you will have to cancel your subscription.
  • Ontario law requires that all motorists have auto insurance. This is also a requirement for our warranty. So make sure to have a valid insurance at any time.
  • It’s important that you maintain your car in accordance with the owner’s manual. A claim might be denied if the cause of the failure is related to a lack of maintenance. Keep the receipts of your services and other repairs, it might be useful.
  • If you decide to make alterations to your vehicle, or use it for a different purpose than initially built for, ensure that it will remain covered as per our terms and conditions. If you have any doubts, please contact us!