We want our customers to have the best claims experience possible. That’s why we’ve created this article - to help you get the information you need to get your claim is processed quickly and correctly. 

Making a Claim 
Filing a claim with GuardTree is easy. If you qualify, you’re covered and can make a claim by following our easy 4-step claims process 

Tips for getting your claim approved 
To ensure approval of your claim, make sure you know what you are covered for and what the limits of your warranty are before you need to make a claim.  

Know your requirements and limits 

  • Knowing what is required of you when making a claim and ensuring that your information is up to date and correct will help us process your claim faster. This includes ensuring that the dealer or repair facility calls us before beginning work.  
  • You should also know the limits of your warranty and benefitsincluding your aggregate claims limit and any limits to roadside assistance and trip interruption benefits 
  • Make sure you follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle. We cannot provide components and repairs if a breakdown is considered to be caused by neglect of your vehicle 

Ensure your repair is completed on time 

  • It's important to submit your claims within the required time-frame. Your dealer should submit all repair orders, applicable receipts and documentation within thirty (30) days of repairs being completed for your vehicle.  
  • You must also choose a licensed repair facility, take your vehicle there, and file a claim within seven (7) days of a Breakdown. If your licensed repair facility refuses to accept your GuardTree Used Car Warranty, please have them give us a call. Alternatively, please contact us 

Understand your costs 

  • A GuardTree Used Car Warranty covers the repair as stated in your contract. You may be responsible for diagnosis charges and teardown charges. You should also be aware of your contract limits regarding payouts. 
  • You will also be required to pay your deductible when making a claim. 
Have your paperwork ready   
  • We may require confirmation of your odometer reading, copies of your registration and insurance documents. 
  • Having and maintaining all current and existing maintenance records is helpful as we may request these when we review a claim. 

What might affect your claim approval 
There are some situations where your claim may not be approved. It is important to know what these situations are so that you can avoid them.  

Claim denialHere are some reasons your claim may be denied...

  • Not getting pre-approval from your repair shop. 
  • Not knowing what parts are covered and are not covered under your warranty. 
  • Not following the maintenance schedule laid out by manufacturer specifications.  
  • It is also worth noting that any modifications or commercial use applied to covered components may void your warranty and change the potential of future warranty to the same part.  

Void warranty: There are a few things that may void your warranty including...

  • Moving outside the area (e.g., Moving out of Ontario). 
  • Not having paid your subscription fees or bill 21 days after the billing date.
  • Using your vehicle for heavy commercial use (vehicles used for light commercial activities, such as ride-sharing, may are eligible depending on the warranty provider). 
  • For GuardTree, iyour vehicle is operated under Light Commercial Use (LCU), you must promptly let us know as you will be responsible for paying the LCU Deductible on future claims (instead of the Standard Deductible).  

You can get more comprehensive insight on how you may void your warranty or encounter claim denial by visiting our FAQ page 

Got a question about your warranty? 
If you have a question, you might find your answer on our FAQ page. For specific questions about your plan, you can review your policy anytime by logging into your account.  You may also reach our customer experience team on our support page