We make owning a used car easier.

You pay an upfront monthly fee with our subscription model. (And part of it helps the environment!)

There’s no buried gotchas or hidden fees. Full transparency, full list of what we cover.

We’re super low pressure. You’re free to cancel at any time.

Our team

My goal is to provide customers with as much guidance as possible and to listen to each individual's questions and needs.

- Mayada, GuardTree Claims Team

Going above and beyond to support each one of our customers is what I strive for.

- Philippe, GuardTree Claims Team

Friendliness, professionalism, and expertise; this is how I provide the best possible experience for our customers.

- Sabrina, GuardTree Claims Team

The best part of belonging to the Guardtree team is knowing that I will have a positive impact on our customer's lives.

- Sotiria, GuardTree Claims Team

Our Values

Innovative - We’re not just changing how warranty works, we’re changing the entire experience of owning a used car.

Sustainable - We’re committed to sustainable practices and offsetting carbon emissions for our members, making owning a used car an even greener choice.

Transparent - What you see is what you get. We’re upfront about everything, even our pricing. It’s on our homepage.

Driving towards a greener future

25% of Canada’s carbon emissions come from cars and other forms of transportation.
With our unique carbon offsetting program, we offset a portion of each GuardTree member's annual automotive footprint. By doing so, we help to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases the average Canadian driver is responsible for emitting annually.

We're listening

We want to make owning a used car easier for Canadian drivers by reducing the financial burden and taking away the inevitable and unexpected aches of maintenance and repairs.

Have a suggestion on how we can do it even better?