We make owning a used car easier.

You pay an upfront monthly fee with our subscription model. (And part of it helps the environment!)

There’s no buried gotchas or hidden fees. Full transparency, full list of what we cover.

We’re super low pressure. You’re free to cancel at any time.

We also offer resources to help educate and make owning your used car easier.

Our why

GuardTree is the first and only company to offer a low-cost, high quality, subscription model extended car warranty to Canadians. In a few clicks, you can get your car covered so that if your car breaks down, you're covered when it comes to repairs and replacements costs. You can also utilize our roadside assistance, car rental, and trip interruption benefits while your car is in the repair shop.

Plus you can activate your warranty 100% online, no paperwork, no inspection required, no long-term commitment. By buying directly with us, you get peace of mind in more affordable ways. You can feel extra good too cause GuardTree contributes a portion of your monthly fee to offset your vehicle’s CO2 emissions - neutralizing your car's annual footprint.

Our vision is to provide Canadian’s with innovative ways to protect the investment they make in their vehicles so it's easy, accessible, affordable, and environmentally responsible.

Our values

Innovation - We’re not just changing the way warranties work; we're flipping the model to be more beneficial for consumers.

Sustainability - We're all about protecting you and our planet by committing to offset carbon emissions for our members. 

Transparency - What you see is what you get. We’re upfront about pricing and what's covered because it's the right thing to do. 

We are listening

We want to make owning a used car easier for Canadian drivers by reducing the financial burden and taking away the inevitable and unexpected aches of maintenance and repairs.  

Have a suggestion on how we can do it even better? 

Driving towards a greener future

We care about you, and our planet. Every GuardTree members’ subscription includes donating a portion of profits to offsetting the CO2 emissions of your vehicle.

Our Story

Learn more about us and how we're making extended warranties for used vehicles easy, accesible, and environmentally responsible. Social impact is part of our mission and business model. Part of your GuardTree subscription fee supports causes that help offset your carbon footprint.

Trisura logo

Your protection is backed by Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company. Trisura is an A-rated (Excellent) organization operating for more than 15 years and incorporarted under the Insurance Companies Act (Canada). GuardTree is also backed by trusted Canadian auto protection names. This means your car is protected by the best.