Did you know that 25% of Canada’s emissions come from cars and other forms of transportation? In fact, the average Canadian emits 3.8 tonnes (3,800 kgs) of greenhouse gasses each year from driving (Source: Offsetters). These gasses (also known as emissions) contribute directly to climate change – one of the biggest challenges facing the world today.
We all play a role and that’s why we’re acting now with our unique carbon offsetting program for customers.

Offsetting 3.8 tonnes for each subscriber

Through our partnership with Offsetters, part of every member’s monthly subscription fee goes directly towards offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions caused by driving. For each subscriber, we purchase carbon offsets to neutralize the equivalent amount of greenhouse gases the average Canadian driver emits a year.

#CarbonConscious 2021

In honour of Earth Day 2021, we doubled our carbon offset purchases for all existing subscribers and new subscribers during the month of April. This represents an additional carbon credit of 316 kg per subscriber and will offset a total of 4.1 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions by the end of 2021. In fact, subscribers that joined GuardTree in April 2021, or before, will essentially have a negative carbon footprint from their driving – going beyond neutralization!

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About Offsetters

Offsetters is Canada’s leading carbon management solutions company. Founded, in 2005, in response to a growing demand from companies for sophisticated advisory services related to their environmental impacts and a desire to reduce and offset those impacts through high quality greenhouse gas reduction projects. They specialize in designing and implementing high quality offset initiatives that deliver lasting environmental and social benefits for organizations.